Health benefits of dairy products

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Gone are the days when parents had strict milk consumption compulsions. We as kids had a glass full of milk, sometimes, more than 2 times a day. However, the current generation, seem to have replaced each glass, with such a … Continued

Importance Of Milk

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The importance of milk is not unknown, we have been hearing of it ever since childhood. Our parents ensure high milk intake, so we develop healthy bones and teeth. But are these the only benefits of milk? In this blog … Continued

Cattle Feed

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The productivity of an animal depends largely upon the feed and care given to it. Let us look closely at cattle feed in this blog; India’s milk output could be doubled if dairy animals were adequately fed. However, the cost … Continued

Milk By-Products

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Milk is considered a complete food from the times of our ancestors. Its nutritional value is very high and perishable. It is thus processed in various ways, giving us a variety of by-products, high in nutritional value and longer shelf … Continued

Milk Processing

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It is a known fact that milk; a highly nutritive beverage is highly perishable with a very short lifespan. Milk processing methods come to rescue, by considerably increasing the life of milk. Allowing it to be transported easily within local … Continued

New technologies in dairy industry

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Technology has touched every spear of our life. All for the good! It has made life easy and efficient. Speaking of the correlation between technology and dairy farming… Do you think technology could do wonders to a simplistic industry like … Continued

Dairy Industry in India

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India has shown the world an enormous all round development in the past decade. What’s seen, as an important growth though is it being called “The Oyster” of the global dairy industry! Dairy activities have conventionally been an integral part … Continued