Mudhoji Manmohan Rajwada

‘Rajwada’ (palace) is one of those rare precious heritage buildings in Maharashtra, which are kept in good condition.

The maternal home of Hon. Chhatrapati Sambhaji Raje Maharaj. This palace was the maternal abode of his mother Late Maharani Saibai.

It constitutes of Darbar Hall, Surucha Hall, Hirva Hall, Badami Hall, Saatkhani Laxmi Terrace and Gulabi Hall. It has 6 spacious ‘chowks’ (courtyards) viz., Ramacha chowk, Dasryacha chowk, Devicha chowk, Mudapakacha chowk and Tulshicha chowk.

The grandeur of this palace along with its architectural wonder is a very special attraction for tourists flocking the town of Phaltan.

This belongs to the Chairman’s family and a tours can be arranged with prior permission.

Sri Ram Mandir

Mudhoji Manmohan Palace houses the famous temple shrine of Shri Ram who happens to be the village deity as well. Well sculpted statues of Hindu gods Ram, Lakshman and Sita in black stone are intricately carved and are extremely attractive. It’s well carved spacious courtyard and the huge glass chandeliers add to the grandeur of the temple.
‘RamJanmotsav’ (Birth of Ram) is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm amidst few thousand people every year at this temple. ‘Rathostav’ is a striking feature of this grand festival. This temple was constructed by Sadhavi Shrimant Sagunabaisaheb.

Ek Mukhi Datta Mandir

This is an equally attractive and grand temple on the lines of Sri Ram Mandir. The statue of Datta is ‘ekmukhi’ (single faced against the usually worshipped 3 faced deity).

Sant Shiromani Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Mandir

One of the most revered saints of the Bhakti tradition-instrumental in spreading the Bhagwat Dharma, Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj temple is the pride of Phaltan. This temple is built by the late Maharani of Phaltan, Shrimant Laxmidevi Naik Nimbalkar after she miraculously survived a plane crash en-route to London from Mumbai.

The statue of Sant Dnyaneshwar is sculpted by the famous sculptor Shri. Karmarkar.

Jabreshwar Mandir

This is the oldest Shiva Temple in the city of Phaltan. The temple has Hemadpanthi style of architecture. Various sculpting styles having a blend of Ajantha, Ellora and Khajuraho are found in the premises of the temple. This temple is believed to be 700-750 years old. The striking feature is the square Shivlinga and the statues of Bhagwan Mahaveer carved at the entrance of the temple. Apart from these temples many beautiful architectural treats are found in and around Phaltan.

The Sadguru Haribaba Temple, Nageshwar Temple, Shri Govind Kaka Upalekar Maharaj Mandir, Chakrapani Prabhu Temple are some such attractions. The Jain temple, Mankeshwar temple and Samadhis of members of the Royal family are also places worth visiting.

Phaltan is also adorned with an airport built by Shrimant Maloji Naik Nimbalkar. Shrimant Ramraje Naik Nimbalkar is hailed as the architect of modern Phaltan.