Phaltan Education Society

Education in the pre-merger era of the State of Phaltan, was provided by the Royal State. After the merger of erstwhile princely states with the mainstream government body, the staff of the State of Phaltan was transferred to The Government. Hon. Shrimant Malojiraje Naik Nimbalkar, erstwhile ruler of the State of Phaltan, established the “Phaltan Education Society” in 1951.

The Phaltan Education Society received strong support from Shrimant Vijaysinh alias Shivajiraje Naik Nimbalkar, who envisaged the growth and put necessary efforts to realize it. He was secretary to the society from 1970 to 2001.

Shrimant Ramraje Pratapsinh Naik Nimbalkar is the existing President and Shrimant Raghunathraje Vikramsinh Naik Nimbalkar is the current Chairman. Shrimant Sanjeevraje V. Naik Nimbalkar adorns the position of Secretary and looks after the routine affairs.

Shrimant Saibai Maharaja Mahila Patasanstha (a co-operative credit society)

Shrimant Saibai Maharaja Mahila Patasanstha was founded by Mrs. Shivanjali Naik Nimbalkar under the guidance of her father-in-law Shrimant Shivajiraje Naik Nimbalkar and with strong support from her husband Shrimant Sanjeevraje Naik Nimbalkar. She is the founder chairperson of this organisation. The Patasanstha started in 1994, helps women entrepreneurs by offering soft loans to start their own businesses helping them to be financially independent and is predominantly run by women.

Govind Milk and Milk Products Pvt. Ltd procures milk from these women entrepreneurs who buy cows from the soft loans provided by the Patasanstha. In the last decade, more than Rs. 5 crores have been given as loans by the Patasanstha with a recovery ratio of almost 100%. The cows purchased are insured to safeguard the interest of these women in case of any unforeseen calamity. The turnover of this credit society is Rs. 35 crores with deposit base of Rs. 20 crores, and loan distribution of Rs. 14 crores.

Ramraje Vahatuk Sanstha (Transport Organisation)

transportRamraje Vahatuk Sanstha was started with a view to provide employment opportunities to the local youth of Phaltan and adjoining areas. Sanstha has more than 100 vehicles plying across various cities for distribution and procurement of milk and milk products.

Govind Milk provides fuel on ‘No Profit No Loss’ basis and the parent body provides spare parts and tyres at affordable price.

Naik-Nimbalkar Devasthan Trust

mandirNaik-Nimbalkar Devasthan Trust was founded on March 20,1955. Shrimant Malojirao Mudhojirao Naik Nimbalkar was the Founder President (1956-1978). Shrimant Ramraje Naik Nimbalkar is the current President and Shrimant Sanjeevraje Vijaysinh Naik Nimbalkar is the trustee.

The trust has 12 temples under its aegis. The famous ‘Shriram’ temple which is the ‘gram-daivat’ (Village deity) of Phaltan is very popular shrine for devotees all over Maharashtra. The income from the trust is used for social activities like helping poor students & for hospital expenditure of the needy people.

Shrimant Malojiraje Co-op. Bank

Shrimant Malojiraje Co-op. Bank Ltd., Phaltan was founded by Shrimant Malojiraje Naik Nimbalkar and the Founder Chairman Shrimant Vijaysinh Naik Nimbalkar alias Shivajiraje on July 10, 1975. The primary aim was to help the farmer and the common people. Late Shrimant Shivajiraje Vijaysinh Malojiraje Naik Nimbalkar was the Founder Chairman. Shri. Yashvantrao K. Ranaware is the Current Chairman. It has total 14 branches.