Funzz Falvoured Milk Powder - Banana (HSN - 4021010 ) View larger

Funzz Flavoured Milk Powder - Banana (HSN - 4021010 )


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Buy Flavoured Milk Powder (Banana Flavour) online. With Govind's Flavoured Milk Powder, you can prepare Flavoured Milk, Milkshake at home in just 5 mins.

Food safety characteristicsMoisture content
IngredientsMilk solids, sugar, Banana powder.
CompositionTaste & Flavour- Pleasant, typical Banana free from objectionable flavor, Texture & Appearance- Free flowing, Free from extraneous matter, Fat Content- 5 - 7%, Moisture- Max 4%, Ash- Max 5%, Protein- Min 15%, Bulk Density- 0.60-0.80g/ml
Bacteriological CharacteristicsTPC- Max 10000 cfu/g, Yeast & Mold- Max 100 cfu/g, Coliform- Ab/0.1g, E-coli- Ab/g, Salmonella- Ab/25g, Listeria Monocytogens- Ab/g, Staphylococcus auerus- Ab/0.1g, Spore count Aerobic B.cereus – Max 100/g, Anaerobic (Cl. Perfrigens)- Max10/g
Method of preservationDried ingredients blended hygienically and stored at ambient temperature
Storage conditionAt Ambient Temperature
Packing sizePolypouch- 49 gm, Carton – 12 pouches in each carton with shaker
Packaging – InitialPrimary Packaging : For polypouch – Laminated LDPE For secondary packaging - Paper laminated carton
Packaging – TransportCorrugated paper box
TransportationThrough cleaned, Insulated vehicle.
Shelf life, use by or Best before periodBest before nine months from packaging when stored at cool and dry place.
LabellingLabelling -Name of Product, Name 0f company ,address, manufacturer, Best Before date, Batch Number, date of packing , net weight, Nutritional value, veg. symbol, FSSAI logo & license no, storage condition
Customer preparation & intended useAdd 45g govind flavor milk powder in 180ml of cold water in
shaker, shake and it is ready for use.
Misuse – If not used as per instructions on label, Tampering of
product, use of product after shelf life.
Sensitive populationHaving allergy to milk protein
Applicable legal requirementsFSSAI , The Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011
AllergensMilk protein


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Funzz Flavoured Milk Powder - Banana (HSN - 4021010 )

Funzz Flavoured Milk Powder - Banana (HSN - 4021010 )