Delectable Pista Kulfi Amazing Festive season recipes- Using Govind Milk

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Milk has always been an essential ingredient in the Indian households due to its healthy properties. Indian women ensure that they use milk in some recipe and feed their children so that all nutrients present in Milk can help in great growth of body.

Today, we share with you some of the finest recipes which you can create using the Govind toned Milk. Since Indian festivals are round the corner, you can easily take help from these recipes and prepare amazing dishes and desserts for your family and guests.

We are sure that after tasting these delicious and mouth watering deserts prepared using Govind Milk, everyone is going to praise your culinary skills and not leave your home without asking the recipe.

  • Delectable Pista Kulfi
  • Ingredients-

    • Half cup sugar
    • Toned Milk 1 litre
    • 12-15 almonds ( blanched & shredded)
    • ¼ tsp saffron
    • 12-15 pistachios
    • Kulfi Moulds

Recipe– To make this amazing Kulfi treat, you can use Govind toned milk which is going to enhance the taste of this amazing and delicious Indian dessert. Firstly, to boil the milk use the heavy pan and simmer on medium heat. Remember to stir the milk so that scorching does not happen while cooking.

Milk gets thickened after simmering for thirty or forty minutes and half the quantity of milk will be left now. When you start noticing bubbles forming over the center of pan, you will get the required beige cream colored milk. Boil and Simmer for another 3-4 minutes as you add saffron and sugar. Turn off the stove but before that remember to add cardamom into the milk.

Add nuts of your choice once it cools and then pour the dessert into moulds. Now freeze it for some time at lowest temperature possible and your mouth watering recipe is ready to be served. Do not forget to add some nuts and garnish it with vark leaves to make it look exotic and yummy.

So now that we have shared these amazing recipes, you should definitely try these. Making them with Govind milk can be really great as this would provide so many essential nutrients to your body, which are not found in most regular dishes.

Using these recipes, you can prepare delicious desserts for coming festivals like Navratri, Dussehra and Diwali!