Exotic, Delicious recipe with your favorite ice cream at home

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Delicious, exotic ice creams are loved by all and what could be better than creating a desert using ice-cream which is completely healthy? Today we share with you a secret recipe which you can make using ice cream and everyone will praise the awesome taste and your cooking skills.

With ingredients which you can easily find at home, this quick ice cream recipe is going to be very easy to make. Only 3 ingredients will be required for creating this recipe, and you will be saved from the stress of using lots of ingredients which commonly happens while cooking deserts at home.

Recipe- Cookies & Cream Cups


  • 20-25 chocolate cookies or biscuits,
  • Ice cream of your choice
  • 2 tablespoon butter

Creating this recipe is very easy and you simply need to crush 15 cookies so that they convert into fine crumbs. Melt the butter and then mix it to the crumbs which we have just made. Put the crumbs into muffin pans or moulds and keep them aside.

Now break some more cookies say 5 or 6 and add this into the ice cream. Now scoop this mixture onto the muffins which we had kept aside and crush remaining cookies and sprinkle upon this mixture. This will create a tasty layer of soft ice cream along with the nutty cookies and give a very delicious flavor to the recipe.

Next, freeze them till they are firm and remove from moulds to serve them. Kids will enjoy this delectable treat and adults will love this desert as well which you created using just three ingredients. The best thing is that you can easily store this for some days in airtight containers and enjoy them whenever you wish to.