General FAQs

Where is Govind Milk located?
What is the current milk processing capacity?
Do you have any plans for expansion?
How many veterinary doctors are on your panel?
Is your milk with zero bacteria?
Can we say, Govind’s milk is pure?
Why your milk is yellowish?
Is Govind’s milk fresh?
Does temperature of the milk affects the quality?
What are essential tips on buying a milk?
How to improve the life of the milk after buying?
Is packing done in cleaned & hygienic condition?
Is your packing done in a automated machine?
Is your milk suitable for the infants?
What is Govinds contribution in enhancing the dairy farming industry?
What is Free or Loose Housing?
What are other welfare acitivites carried by Govind Milk?
What is Multi-Facility Group Farms?
What are Govind Milk’s future plans?

FAQs for S.M.P.

Is your SMP having ISI mark?
Is your Ghee, AGMARK graded?
Is your Ghee prepared from pure Cow Milk?
Can you provide ghee of desi cow?
What is the export potential of Govind’s Milk and Milk Products?
Is your company ISO and HACCP certified?
What is the shelf life of SMP and GHEE?
Why your milk & milk products are costly than others?