Indian Rice Kheer Amazing Festive season recipes- Using Govind Milk

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Milk has always been an essential ingredient in the Indian households due to its healthy properties.
Indian women ensure that they use milk in some recipe and feed their children so that all nutrients present in Milk can help in great growth of body.

Today, we share with you some of the finest recipes which you can create using the Govind toned Milk. Since Indian festivals are round the corner, you can easily take help from these recipes and prepare amazing dishes and desserts for your family and guests.

We are sure that after tasting these delicious and mouth watering deserts prepared using Govind Milk, everyone is going to praise your culinary skills and not leave your home without asking the recipe.

  • Indian Rice Kheer
  • For making this yummy recipe, you will require just few ingredients which are mentioned here:

    • 4-5 cups Milk
    • Half cup sugar
    • ¼ cup rice
    • 4 green cardamoms
    • 12-15 raisins
    • 10-15 almonds

Recipe– Firstly for this recipe you will have to boil rice along with milk in a pan. After simmering for few minutes on low flame, you have to stir the ingredients until rice are cooked properly. We give a quick tip for checking this, you can simply check consistency of milk and it should be slightly thick after stirring. After this, you need to add the cardamoms, almonds, raisins and sugar. You should serve this until the sugar gets dissolved completely. Now, simply transfer this amazing recipe into a beautiful serving dish and for garnishing use some almonds. The best thing about this recipe is that you can serve it either chilled or hot.