Make Frosty Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich with simple ingredients

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Ice cream is surely a desert which is top favorite of many people. The sweet taste it has makes it so delectable that it’s hard to stop yourself from eating and enjoying this amazing frozen treat. We share with you an easy recipe which you can prepare at your home and with requirement of just few ingredients.

For creating the frosty ice cream cookie sandwich you will require:

  • Ice cream – vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, tutti fruit or your favorite flavor.
  • Cookies or biscuits of your choice
  • Cherries for decoration (optional)

For making frosty ice cream sandwich, firstly take a cookie and spread a layer of your favorite ice cream. Once you do this, you can either place second biscuit or add another layer of the other ice cream flavor. Adding two flavors would make it really delicious. After doing this, repeat and add layers of biscuits and cookies till there are 4-5 cookies stacked together.

After this, add cherries and also put some chocolate sauce to enhance the sweetness. Now freeze this for 10 minutes and the delicious, rich frosty ice cream sandwich is all ready to be enjoyed and eaten. You can use this recipe as desert or even a snack because it’s healthy, light and really mouth watering.