New technologies in dairy industry

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Technology has touched every spear of our life. All for the good! It has made life easy and efficient.

Speaking of the correlation between technology and dairy farming…

Do you think technology could do wonders to a simplistic industry like Dairy?

The answer is yes!!!
It can probably do more than just wonders…
Let us see how, in this blog…

When technology joins hands with Dairy farming; to measure physiological, behavioral, and production indicators on individual animals to improve management strategies and farm performance, it is called “Precision Dairy Farming.”

In Precision Dairy Farming, technology is used for;

  • Daily milk yield recordings,
  • Milk component monitoring (e.g. fat, protein, and SCC),
  • Pedometers,
  • Automatic temperature recording devices,
  • Milk conductivity indicators,
  • Automatic estrus detection monitors, and
  • Daily body weight measurements.


The main objective of Precision Dairy Farming is to be able to maximize individual animal potential, detect diseases at an early stage, and control the use of medication through preventive health measures.

What are the potential benefits of Precision Dairy Farming?

Perceived benefits of Precision Dairy Farming technologies include

  • Increased efficiency,
  • Reduced costs,
  • Improved product quality,
  • Minimized adverse environmental impacts, and
  • Improved animal health and well-being.


These technologies are likely to have the greatest impact in the areas of health, reproduction, and quality control.

But, we already are the no.1 milk producers of the world producing about 116 million tonnes of milk annually.

Why do we need Precision Dairy Farming?

The answer is simple, even though we are no.1 producers of milk globally; we are barely into export of milk. This is because all the milk produced in our country is consumed within the country itself leaving absolutely no surplus to contribute to export.
Also, we do not produce processed milk products that hold high demands in the international market.

The Indian Dairy industry still holds an underdeveloped stand when compared with its foreign counterparts. There are many shortcomings that need to be corrected to take the industry further forward.


  • Low average per animal productivity,
  • High growth in output along with ever increasing demand within the country,
  • High interest rates,
  • Rapid urbanization,
  • Underdeveloped infrastructure,
  • Impoverish feeding methods,
  • Low interest of younger generation in dairy farming,
  • Increasing real estate price leading to loss of farmlands and
  • The national policy on dairy is critical for the growth of dairy industry,


At the ground level, the quality of our cattle alone is poor! Let alone infrastructure…

Dairy farmers are unaware about availability of hybrid quality fodder available in the market that could probably benefit them manifolds.

Thus, at the current stage, more than advent of advance technology, awareness at the basic level of production is needed. With an intention of introducing most elementary form of technology first.

The government should encourage R&D within Dairy industry to enhance the quality and quantity of milk produced with the use of technology.