In- conversion Organic Milk

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Govind has been working on its concept of loose housing farms for the last 3 years. With a lot of research, market feedbacks and innovative ideas they have now converted some of these farms into organic farms. These farms are certified by Onecert India.

Govind has approximately 700 loose housing farms of which 60 farms have been chosen for organic milk farming. At these organic farms , special care like monitoring the cows, their feed and diet and ensuring that if medical treatment is needed it is antibiotic free are taken .Organic Farmers are made to grow their own organic fodder in their own farms. Continuous research and analysis is done and guidance is provided to the farmers by a dedicated and innovative veterinary team. Concepts like Silage, inclusion of sprouts in the diet of the animals, have been introduced to improve the quality of milk and to ensure continuous supply of organic fodder.

Govind has recently launched its Organic (in-conversion) Milk in 500ml and 1ltr packs in Mumbai and Pune. It is priced at Rs 40.00 for 500 ml and Rs 80 for 1 ltr.Organic Ghee also has been launched. This Ghee is made using traditional methods. It is available in 500ml glass jars and priced at Rs 700 per Kg.

The Organic Milk and Organic Ghee have been certified by Onecert India.