One of the visitors who published A case study Analysis of the Motivating Factors Perceived by the Farmers and Contract Dairy

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Kolekar D. V. and Meena H. R.
J Anim Prod Adv 2012, 2(5): 254-264

published in Journal of animal Production Advances
Abstract of the case study- The present study was conducted purposively in Satara district of Maharashtra to ascertain the motivating factors perceived by farmers and contractor under contract dairy farming. The district was having the highest number of contract dairy farmers being engaged with the Govind Dudh Phaltan constituted the population for study.

Results and Discussion

Motivating factors perceived by contract farmers -The contracting firm Govind Milk and milk products private limited, Phaltan was providing various facilities, services and technologies to farmers as per their agreement under contract dairy farming.

Access to production and marketing facilities -The contracting firm Govind Dudh Phaltan provides various facilities such as different type of inputs, credit, marketing facility, production reliability and shared risk, guaranteed and fixed pricing structure and skill transfer to contract farmers under contract dairy farming…