Visit of Shri Satyanarayanji Goenka

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Shri Satyanarayanji Goenka came to Phaltan on 29th Feb 2004 and addressed the people and farmers of Phaltan. Over 6500 to 7000 people were gathered at Anant Mangal Karyalaya to hear the great master talk and spread Mangal Maitrya at the Dhamma Hall in Govind Dairy. He answered the questions of young and old with equal enthusiasm. He elucidated about Vipassana Meditation and its nature (Dhamma). He guided people on topics like; Ways to live a moral life (Shila) Practicing concentration (Samadhi) & Experiencing truth (Pragnya).

He invited all to experience the magical transformation attained by 10 days Vipassana course.