Gulab Jamum Mix

Process Roasting, Blending
Food safety characteristics Moisture content
Ingredients Milk solids, Refined wheat flour, vegetable oil, E330, E 500 .
Composition Taste & Flavour- Pleasant, free from objectionable flavor,
Texture& Appearance- Free flowing
Free from extraneous matter
Fat Content- Min 12 %
Moisture- Max 8%
Carbohydrate- 60%
Acid insoluble total Ash- Max 0.1%
Protein- Min 15%
Bulk Density- 0.520-0.65g/ml
Leaving index- 1.25
Bacteriological Characteristics TPC- Max 10000 cfu/g
Yeast & Mold- Max 100 cfu/g
Coliform- Nil
E-coli- Ab/g
Salmonella- Ab/25g
Listeria Monocytogens- Ab/g
Staphylococcus auerus- Nil
Method of preservation Dried ingredients blended hygienically and stored at ambient temperature
Storage condition At Ambient Temperature
Packing size Plain pouch- 200 gm
Packaging – Initial Primary Packaging: For polypouch – Laminated LDPE pouch. For secondary packaging – Paper laminated carton
Packaging – Transport Corrugated paper box
Transportation Through cleaned, Insulated vehicle.
Shelf life, use by or Best before period Best before 12 months from packaging when stored at cool and dry place.
Labelling Labelling -Name of Product, Name 0f company ,address, manufacturer, Best Before date, Batch Number, date of packing , net weight, Nutritional value, veg. symbol, FSSAI logo & license no, storage condition
Customer preparation & intended use Add 80-90ml water in gulabjamun mix, knead gently & make homogenous dough. Make 40-50 balls without any crack. Deep Fry the ball in govind ghee at low flame. Soak gulabjamun in sugar syrup for 30 min. Misuse – If not used as per instructions on label, Tampering of product, use of product after shelf life.
Sensitive population Having allergy to milk protein & Gluten
Applicable legal requirements FSSAI , The Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011
Allergens Milk protein, Gluten