What is Soya Milk?

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What is Soya Milk?

After hearing so much positive about Soya Milk, after reading so much about it everywhere online and falling for so many marketing gimmicks we all have blindly accepted that Soya is more healthier than every other milk.
Why is that so? Why is that, when every time you go visit a Starbucks and while ordering your drink you prefer it with Soya Milk rather than the regular one?

Let us get some more clarity on that.
It wouldn’t be right to talk about all the bad stuff without mentioning the good. Soya Milk is a plant milk produced by soaking dried Soya beans and grinding them in water. Consuming Soya Milk containing soy protein products is likely safe. But Soya Milk causes some side effects such as constipation, bloating nausea, allergic reactions like rash and itching in some people. Long term use of Soya Milk or any soy supplements is unsafe. Consuming a lot of Soya Milk can be very harmful for the heath.

Cow milk does absolutely no harm to the human body in anyway. It has adequate proportion and high quality of protein, lot of calcium that keep the bones strong, it is fortified with vitamin D, has good levels of various other vitamins and minerals and it also helps in keeping the body active. Cow milk is also rich in potassium, magnesium, strontium, etc which give a boost to the bone and heart health. Cow milk which is rich in Vitamin D helps keep the mind away from depression and chronic fatigue and PMS. An increased milk intake can boost muscle mass and strength in both adults and kids. It is overall a benefit to health and should be consumed regularly in correct proportions to build a strong body from the inside as well as outside.

Research has proven that though less but when compared to Soya Milk, cow’s milk proves to be a better source of nutrients to the body. It does your body only good. Finding out the health benefits of cow’s milk might actually help you drink more of it now on, every day.

So in the end, all you have to do is research yourself, look into it more and make the right choice when it comes to choosing a beverage you drink every single day.