Where is Govind Milk located?

Govind Milk and Milk Products is located at Phaltan, Maharashtra. Our facility is situated about 110 km from Pune, a developing IT hub in Maharashtra.

  What is the current milk processing capacity?

Our current milk processing capacity is 10 lac plus liters per day.

  Do you have any plans for expansion?

Yes, Govind Milk has already reach to 6,00,000 litres of milk /day & definitely is going for expansion of its capacity or searching to higher a capacity for handling of milk & manufacturing of products.

  How many veterinary doctors are on your panel?

We have about 100 veterinary doctors catering to the welfare of cattle in and around Phaltan for assuring a steady and quality supply of milk.

  Is your milk with zero bacteria?

No, Being a pasteurized milk, the bacterial count ranges between 2 to 10,000 per ml which is much lesser than the permissible limit of 30,000/ml

  Can we say, Govind’s milk is pure?

Yes, as we have proper arrangements to procure cow & buffalo milk separately, the milk what you receive is absolutely pure.

  Is your ghee AGMARK graded?

Yes, our ghee is having AGMARK with Special Grade.

  Is your ghee prepared in cow milk?

Yes, Govind’s ghee is prepared from pure cow milk.

  Can you provide ghee of desi cow?

Yes, we can provide the ghee of desi cow provided the quantity is more than 100kgs but will take some time after the confirmation of order.

  What is the export potential of Govind’s milk & milk products?

There is a large scope for our products due to the quality we offer. We have launched our smp ,ghee in international market.

  Is your company ISO & HACCP certified?

Govind Milk is ISO 9001: 2008 & FSSC 22000 certified

  What is the shelf life of SMP & Ghee?

Shelf life for SMP is 12 Months and for Ghee is 9 Months

  Why your milk & milk products are costlier than others?

In our endeavour to provide the best quality to the end user, we have certain processes defined, strictly as per the norms and rules. The maintenance and observation of these processes require high value inputs in terms of personnel, time and techniques which incur a cost. It is our firm belief that bypassing certain quality norms may be lucrative in short run but for all our valued clients, who savour the taste and quality with lot of respect and faith, we make every effort not to curtail any processes, even at a certain tolerable cost attachment. Hence our products may be a bit costlier than our competition, but worthy in all respects.