Amrakhand Rasila Mango

It is a semi-soft, sweetish sour, whole milk product prepared from lactic fermented curd. This is strained through muslin cloth to get ‘Chakka’. This ‘Chakka’ is mixed with some amount of sugar & mango pulp. It contains 5-6% fat. Govind’s Amrakhand is famous for its taste and pure mango color. It is prepared and placed in strict hygienic conditions. Its shelf life is 3 months, when stored below -10 °C.

This is a different variety of Shrikhand which is prepared by using Mango Pulp.

Packing sizes as follows
Packing Specification (Cup Pack)
100 gm
250 gm
500 gm
Packing Specification (Poly Pack)
250 gm
500 gm